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Kids Get A Hands-On Learning Experience At The World Science Festival

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)-- At the World Science Festival this weekend, curious guests were able to explore far away planets while getting physics at their fingertips.

Each demonstration at the festival is creating that "lightbulb" moment for children, CBS2's Magdalena Doris reported.

There was a even a pedal bike that converts energy. Exploring Newton's third law was as easy as a game of tug of war, which brings physics to an everyday approachable level.

Learning "hands-on" is the goal of the festival's founders.

"Not by someone lecturing or telling it to them, but because they're going along for a dramatic ride," co-founder Brian Greene told CBS2.

Kids could take the reigns on a virtual reality dragon.

"It was insane!" 6-year-old Henry said. "This weird rock shaped island with eyeballs on it practically."

The measure of success at the festival could be based on the reaction of the tiny explorers who took part.

"Kids are born scientists. You just gotta give them a place to let them get that in-born desire to discover the world to flourish," Greene said.

Each experiment serves as a reminder that we live in an amazing world. If you missed the event on Sunday, fear not-- the World Science Festival will be travelling through the five boroughs this fall.


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