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Whose Bright Idea Was This? Bus Shelter On Gerritsen Avenue In Brooklyn

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- There is danger for drivers in Brooklyn, after the city installed a new bus shelter that has created a risky blind spot.

They're now calling for safety measures to be put in place before someone gets hurt.

CBS2's Reena Roy went to find out whose bright idea was this?

Close calls have drivers on the edges of their seats.

"It's become almost a nightmare," one person said.

bus shelter
This bus shelter on Gerritsen Avenue in Brooklyn has many drivers demanding changes. (Photo: CBS2)

As video shows, cars have been barely missing each other because of the shelter recently put in on Gerritsen Avenue near Avenue X.

"It's horrible. You can't see anything past this bus stop," Gerritsen Beach resident Dan Walsh said. "You pull up to here, and then you have nose out and look each way, especially when school is in session. It's very tough.

"I think it's very dangerous because it impairs drivers vision," he added.

Back in April, the Department of Transportation moved the B31 and BM4 shelter from the sidewalk to a new pedestrian island, on the other side of the recently created bike lane.

"You gotta watch it. Gotta be careful other cars coming, turning, it's bad," one man said.

"It's difficult for sure," resident Traci Kasman said. "I don't think it was the best idea."

CBS2's Roy took a drive, herself, and noted that she really couldn't see anything. She had to pull up all the way over and there was a car coming. The next time she did it, the same thing happened.

Councilman Alan Maisel sent a letter to the DOT in June asking the department to look into it. Commissioner Polly Trottenberg responded more than a month later, saying the shelter is in "full compliance with contract guidelines," adding the agency will conduct a traffic study at the intersection.

"They should've thought about safety," one person said.

"The city does what the city wants to do," Walsh added.

The DOT said because of all the community concern, the agency is reviewing the shelter to decide if any changes are needed. The traffic study is expected to be finished this fall, Roy reported.

CBS2 also reached out to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority for comment, but did not immediately get a response.

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