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This Bride's Reaction To Wedding Crashers Is Priceless!

1010 WINS  -- Brides spend months - sometimes years - preparing for their wedding day, making sure every last detail is perfect, but sometimes life is just out of your control.

That was surely the case for Karen Fox. The big day was going as expected until Fox spotted some unfamiliar characters.

Karen Fox and Michael Tufo
Karen Fox and Michael Tufo (La Mode Studios)

"I first noticed the couple during the reception on the dance floor," said Aimee Boardman, Fox's best friend and maid of honor. "They just seemed to stick out."

Both Boardman and Fox got caught up in the night and forgot about the extra guests, assuming they knew unfamiliar man and woman. It wasn't until later, when they were opening gifts, that they figured out the truth.

(La Moda Photography)

Fox's wedding was subject to wedding crashers!

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Inside an unsuspecting purple card was a message from their unsolicited visitors. "Buck for luck!" read the inside of the greeting card with a dollar attached to it. "Sorry for crashing your wedding".

Greeting card
Aimee Boardman

Boardman couldn't believe it. "This isn't something you ever think is going to happen in real life."

Perhaps more surprising than the real-life wedding crashers, was the bride's reaction to the entire ordeal. With so much emphasis on 'bridezilla's' in today's world, you might expect a similar reaction from Fox.

"I need to meet these people and buy them a drink," said Fox in a Facebook post. "You gave us the best wedding present anyone could ever ask for!"

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-Kayla Jardine


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