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Voters Decide: NYC Mayoral Candidates Eric Adams And Curtis Sliwa Making Final Push Before Election Day

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Election Day is almost here in New York City and the candidates for mayor are making their final push to voters, CBS2's Kevin Rincon reported Friday.

At a crowded Union Hall, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams got the support of some heavy hitters.

"We have somebody who is just gonna knock their socks off as mayor," said U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer.

"Get ready for this: New York governor works with New York City mayor. Can you handle that everybody?" said Gov. Kathy Hochul.

Adams was flanked by members of congress, city council members and state legislators all calling on New Yorkers to get out and vote.

Watch Our Candidate Conversation With Eric Adams

"You don't win a baseball game in the 8th inning. The 9th inning is November 2nd, and on November 2nd we take off the intramural jerseys and we put on one jersey called team New York," said Adams.

In one of his more impassioned speeches, Adams said he's on the precipice of achieving his dream.

"Once we move forward, we will never go back. We will never go back. We're not going backwards," Adams said.

Some 30 blocks away, Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa stood on a street corner on the Upper West Side where an innocent bystander had been shot hours before. Sliwa focused on crime and continued his attacks.

Watch Our Candidate Conversation With Curtis Sliwa

"If you go out and vote, vote for Eric Adams, you're getting another four years of Bill de Blasio. You vote for Curtis Sliwa, you know what you're getting. You know me for 42 years. You're getting change," said Sliwa.

As he posed for pictures with a dog, Sliwa again talked about one of his biggest platforms: getting rid of so-called animal kill shelters.

"When I'm mayor, we are never gonna kill a dog or a cat or animal again," said Sliwa. "Why? Because that's the compassionate thing to do."

Sliwa's campaign said on his way to a separate event, he was hit by a yellow cab while walking along 50th Street. He was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital for observation.

It was later revealed Sliwa suffered a fractured elbow. He was released to rest at home and said he planned to continue campaign events Saturday.

Adams wished Sliwa a speedy recovery on Twitter.

CBS2's Kevin Rincon contributed to this report.


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