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Virginia Jets Fan Tries To Put A Stop To Future Copycats

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- If some overzealous fans want the Jets to fire new general manager Mike Maccagnan or new head coach Todd Bowles at any point during the 2015 season, they are going to have to think a little further outside the box to get their message out.

They simply won't be able to do what the angry Internet mob did to John Idzik last season.

That's because the and domain names have already been purchased.

The man in control of the Maccagnan site recently told Metro New York he has no intention to follow in the footsteps of the people who ran, a site that wasn't viewed favorably by everyone.

Jim Brady, a journalist and Jets fan from Great Falls, Virginia, decided recently to put the kibosh on the potential for anyone to use that particular Maccagnan site name to call for anyone's firing.

"I didn't buy it to use it, I bought it more to keep it from being used," Brady told Metro.

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If people want to start these movements and sites, why not?" Brady added. "And if I can grab the domain to keep it from being used, why not? All part of the domain game, I guess." did its part to make sure Idzik was saddled with a lot of the criticism for the Jets' 4-12 season that eventually cost both he and head coach Rex Ryan their jobs. The owners used everything from the website to expensive billboards to planes toting banners to game day promotions to get the message out that certain fans wanted the second year GM out.

Brady said the whole approach was just overkill.

"I wasn't so much a defender of Idzik as I felt like he got too much of the blame and Rex (Ryan) not enough," Brady said. "I was fine with both being let go. I guess I just felt like all the stuff about the billboard and flying banners over practice was a bit much. I mean, there are plenty of other URLs someone could buy instead, so this doesn't amount to much."

Web-hosting site purchased on Jan. 9, Metro reported. Its intentions for the site's use were not immediately known.

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