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U.S., England fans gather for spirited World Cup viewing parties around Tri-State Area

U.S., England fans gather at NYC-area World Cup viewing parties
U.S., England fans gather at NYC-area World Cup viewing parties 01:50

NEW YORK -- The U.S. was back on the field at the World Cup on Friday, this time playing to a scoreless draw with England.

CBS2's Kristie Keleshian got reaction from sports fans on both sides at various viewing parties.

The chants were all sent with love from Long Island to Qatar.

"I think we should've won that, to be honest," said Englishman Mahan Malhotra.

"We should've won that," said Yoni Lipski of Manhattan.

"We outplayed them, no question," added Dylan Zane of Manhattan.

In Manhattan, there was passion on both sides at Blondies on the Upper West Side.

"We played good. We played all right. We didn't play all right. We played the worst we've ever played. The U.S. played very well," said Harrison Rosier of London.

"The tie is fine," said Cornelius Zhu of Princeton, New Jersey, adding he'd "hundred percent" take the result, "because it's a tie you get some of the dignity, you know? It's like you don't know who is the better team."

Over at Mitchell Field Park in Nassau County, County Executive Bruce Blakeman hosted a viewing party for the match for the members of the Long Island Rough Riders soccer organization.

"Who knows? Maybe some day one of you will be playing in the World Cup. That would be awesome, right?" Blakeman said to the crowd.

"U.S. like never even makes the World Cup, so just being there in the first place, that's a victory in and of itself, I have to say," said Oliver Fallon of the Upper West Side.

It has been quite some time since the U.S. men's team had qualified for the FIFA World Cup.

"Yeah, since 1776. Something like that, right?" Zane said.

Actually, it was in 2014, two World Cups ago. The farthest the men's team has ever gotten was to the semifinals in 1930. So you can understand the excitement this year. As for England fans on Friday, they had some strong words for their team.

"Play better," Rosier said.

"Come on, England," added Ellie Gascoitne of London.

"He's a terrible manager. Sack him. Sack him," Malhotra said of England's Gareth Southgate.

Messages to the U.S. team were a little more encouraging.

"Run hard, play hard, and win," Fallon said.

"Go take it. It's yours. Take it. This is yours," Zane said.

"We're American. Don't forget that. We run this world," Lipski added.

"We're all friends at the end of the day," Rosier said.

"We're all friends, true," Gascoitne said, adding if she was sure about that, "Yeah, we'll see."

The U.S. will play its next game on Tuesday against Iran, 2-0 winners over Wales on Friday. The Americans must win to advance to the knockout stages.

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