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The 7 Best Brisket Sandwiches in NYC

We may not be in Kansas City or Dallas, but this Big Apple does boast some mean brisket sandwiches. What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with this all-American food?   By Sarah Shaker.

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Mayhem and Stout short rib
(credit: Sarah Shaker)

Serving their slow braised sandwiches at Dekalb Market in Brooklyn and rotating food fairs around the city, Mayhem and Stout knows how to prepare juicy, tender meat with creative sauces stuffed into fresh bread. Order their Short Rib and Brisket Sandwich with Maple Brown Sugar Sriracha, topped with green onion and chive for a spicy kick with a sweet finish. The meat and sauce literally melts in your mouth, making it one of the best brisket sandwiches in NYC.

'wichcraft Brisket Sandwich (credit: Sarah Shaker)
(credit: Sarah Shaker)

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This tender brisket sandwich, featuring mushrooms, red peppers, onions and grueye on ciabatta roll is a stand out on 'wichcraft's new fall menu. The fresh roll is stuffed with warm brisket and melted cheese for the ultimate comfort food lunch out of the office. 'wichcraft has locations all over NYC to satisfy your brisket cravings.

Blue Smoke Brisket Sandwich
(credit: Blue Smoke)

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Danny Meyer's foray into barbecue pleases New Yorkers with his Creekstone Farms Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich served on a homemade freshly baked brioche bun with pickles and sesame slaw. Whether at a Manhattan location or out at CitiField when baseball season rolls around again, you'll be craving this brisket something awful.

Fatty 'Cue Smoked Brandt Beef Brisket
(credit: Fatty 'Cue)

Cubes of fatty beef brisket and Cabot clothbound Cheddar are both house-smoked and layered on a toasted baguette, then topped with pickled onions, aioli, chile jam, and cilantro on Fatty 'Cue's brunch menu. At dinner, enjoy a deconstructed version of their brisket sandwich with aged gouda, roasted mushrooms, charred onions and chilies alongside soft rolls and collard greens.

Mile End Smoked Meat
(credit: Mile End Facebook)

This new Noho outpost of the popular Brooklyn restaurant is serving a cured and smoked brisket sandwich with mustard on rye for a traditional New York deli taste. Mile End dry cures their brisket in a spice mix, smokes it and hand-carves it to order. This sandwich features both soft, tender bites and hard, flavorful brisket ends.

JoeDough brisket
(credit: JoeDough)

This East Village sandwich shop offers a fun list of specialties from a serious grilled cheese known as the Stoner's Delight to The Almighty Brisket, served on a brioche bun with melted cheddar and horseradish mayo.

Katz's brisket sandwich
(credit: Katz's Delicatessen)

You can't list New York's best brisket sandwiches without mentioning the Lower East Side king of all delis. Katz's Deli flawlessly seasons and bakes their brisket for a juicy, tender mouthful. All of the sandwiches are stuffed at Katz's from their smoked and hand carved pastrami to their secret "dry cured" pickling formula performed on their corned beef. There may always be a long line, but trust us, it's worth the wait.

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Sarah Shaker is the founder of the blog Bright Lights, My City.
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