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Mercedes, BMW, Porsche among seized vehicles being auctioned off at Suffolk County Police impound yard

Seized vehicles to be auctioned off by Suffolk County Police
Seized vehicles to be auctioned off by Suffolk County Police 02:07

WESTHAMPTON, N.Y. -- A Mercedes, BMW and Porsche are among the "used" vehicles being auctioned off Saturday at the Suffolk Police impound yard.

The Westhampton site expects a capacity crowd and vigorous bidding.

Cooper Nedvin, of Manorville, sat in a Mercedes Benz and dreamed.

"Feels amazing. Wish it was mine," he said.

"You have to take it as is," CBS2's Jennifer McLogan said.

"Yes, exactly, so it's a real gamble. You don't know what you're getting, but it's very tempting," Cooper's mother, Jackie Nedvin, said.

The Mercedes is among 120 vehicles to be auctioned off.

Marta Ayala, of Bellport, is shopping early for her oldest child.

"She's going to be a senior next year, so I'm trying to give her a surprise," she said.

There are campers, motorcycles, flatbed trailers and pickup trucks.

"Treasures for some people and junk for some other people," said Tor Jacob Worsoe.

Worsoe is reliving his childhood when his father was auctioneer there, and the family would come early to check out the coolest offerings.

"Brings me back to a nicer, simpler time," he said.

Now, there is panic in the market for many who want new, used, even leases, and can't find a car.

Earlier this year, the Suffolk Police impound yard auction drew more than 1,000 eager buyers.

Why the auction interest? According to Consumer Reports, used car prices are rebounding with higher interest rates and monthly payments, in some cases up as much as 50% since the pandemic.

"New cars are still waiting for inventory. The chips are in Taiwan," automotive expert Jeffrey Dietz said.

He says due to back orders for new, drivers are pouncing on used.

At this auction, all the VIN numbers are available, so patrons can do their homework.

"You can do the history of the car, if it's been in an accident, you can see where the car's been purchased or sold before," Dietz said.

Some of the cars, including a Jaguar and bashed-in Porsche, were seized by the department following DWI arrests.

"It's in decent shape. It just needs a lot of TLC," one man said.

Bidding prices start at $500. They accept cash, travelers or certified checks. All sales are final.

The auction begins at 9 a.m., rain or shine. For more information, click here.

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