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Frigid Friday: Bitter Cold And Black Ice Make For Dangerous Conditions After Major Snowstorm

SECAUCUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- The season's first major snowstorm may be over, but the area is now dealing with bitter cold temperatures.

With the snow freezing, some roads and sidewalks continue to be slick.

Chopper 2 captured a frightening scene Friday morning on the Bronx River Parkway. Authorities said the icy roads caused a vehicle to flip over in a ditch.


In New Jersey, all vehicle travel restrictions were lifted on interstate highways, but the Department of Transportation still urged caution, saying "drifting snow and ice is a concern."

"The highways are pretty clean," Secaucus resident David Fagan told CBS2's John Dias. "Side roads is another question."

In Hudson County, two-way roads became more like one-way streets, making it hard to drive. But plow crews were clearing the snow and ice as fast as they could, asking for patience.

'We are trying to get it cleaned for them. Just give us some time," said Michael Kovich, of Secaucus. "We'll clean the streets. A minute or two is not going to kill them."

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Mountains of snow that froze overnight in residential neighborhoods made it harder for people to dig out.

In downtown Secaucus, the only one really enjoying the frigid Friday was Frosty. Certainly not Rakshanda Kahn, who admitted she waited too long to clear her car.

"It's overwhelming, yes, and my hands are frozen," she said. "It was absolutely fun to watch in from inside. But now that I'm outside, I'm realizing the impacts of it, and I'm late to work by 30 minutes."

As temperatures plummeted overnight, wet roads and sidewalks re-froze, causing black ice all over.

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Carl Henkel used the last of his salt to make sure his neighbors stay safe.

"People have got a chance of falling, slipping. You got to be careful," he said.

He knows black ice can be a danger that lingers long after a storm blows through.


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