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SEE IT: Wild Snow Squall Rolls Over Tri-State On Day Of Frigid Temps, Dangerous Conditions

HOBOKEN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Communities across the Tri-state area did what they could to keep roads clean and safe as the snow fell.

If you were indoors when a snow squall passed through your area Wednesday you could have easily missed it all together. The snow came and went so quickly. One minute you were swallowed up in a complete whiteout, and the next, it was nothing but blue skies.

"This is his first snow so I think he's liking it," Bri Mitchell of Cranford said about her dog.

The puppy is still getting used to the snow in New Jersey.

"We've got Christmas music inside and we're seeing the snow outside," Linda Brophy added.

Hours earlier, the snow squalls started rolling in fast all over the Tri-state area; coming in like a white wave over the Hudson River.

SNOW SQUALL: Watch as the snow squall rolls in over the Hudson River. How was the storm by you? Share your photos and...

Posted by CBS New York on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

It made highways barely visible in Plainville, Connecticut and caught some drivers off guard in Hawthorne, New Jersey.

In Central Pennsylvania at least one person was killed and nearly 40 people injured in a massive 20-car pileup on Interstate 80.

Here in New York, a cyclist died after slipping on ice on East 96th Street. Police say Dr. Daniel Cammerman lost control on his bike Wednesday morning and was hit by a school bus that was trying to pass him.

Even melting ice posed a threat. Police say one person was hit in the face by a falling icicle on West 58th Street, prompting the NYPD to close off several blocks in Midtown.

Falling ice also shut down upper level lanes of the George Washington Bridge, backing up traffic for hours.

"Nice on the trees but when you're maneuvering and driving through ice and snow on the roads and it's kinda breezy it's not fun," Ralph Kobelman of the Cranford Vanilla Bean Creamery told CBS2's Ali Bauman.


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