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"Rosie's Theater Kids" helping students rehearse for the stage of life

"Rosie's Theater Kids" rehearsing for the stage of life
"Rosie's Theater Kids" rehearsing for the stage of life 02:08

NEW YORK -- The documentary film "Rosie's Theater Kids" introduces us to the students helped by a groundbreaking free arts after-school program.

It started in 2003, founded by Rosie O'Donnell. She makes only brief appearances in the documentary that is all about the students.

Like 16-year-old Enid Angeles, who is finding her voice and gaining confidence.

"I was born here, and then I lived in the Dominican Republic until eight years old," she said.

She shared how she first got involved with the theater.

"They give you an invitation to audition. Then when I was 10, I came over and then I got in somewhere for the summer program for that year," she said.

What has it taught her?

"It teaches you discipline, it teaches you time management," she said.

Lori Klinger is the artistic and executive director.

"Our tagline here is, We are rehearsing for life,'" said Klinger. "Have a commanding entrance, know your lines, look the part. All those things are what you need in any career."

Also included in the film are former students who have come back as mentors. In 2016, Karen Herrera won a full scholarship to Ithaca College.

"They called my name, I was like, I won!'" she recalled.

She works as an education advocate.

"It just goes to show if we really give someone a chance, they can do so much with it," she added.

She says this is the proof that art can change lives.

"Rosie's Theater Kids" is streaming now on Paramount+.

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