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Quick-Thinking Woman Flees After Being Pulled Over By Fake Cop In Teaneck

TEANECK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- He had a gun, flashing lights on his car and claimed to be a cop, but real police in Bergen County said the man was a phony.

As CBS2's Tracee Carrasco reported, the suspect allegedly pulled a woman over with blue flashing lights and had a gun on his hip.

"He got out of his vehicle and approached her car, identified himself as a detective, and said that she was speeding," said Teaneck police Detective Lt. Andrew McGurr.

It happened last Saturday around 11 a.m. on River Road and Deerbord Street. The woman knew something just wasn't right.

"The fact that he pulled her over with a blue light in his vehicle, the way he pulled in front of her vehicle when he stopped, the fact that when she requested identification, he didn't have any ID. This all led her to believe that he wasn't a real police officer," McGurr said.

The quick-thinking woman took off, and police said she did the right thing.

"Our officers know what to do, that they are to identify themselves and if someone has a problem with that they will request a marked unit to respond to the location," McGurr said.

Police said the lights were the first giveaway. A vehicle with only blue flashing lights is not an official police officer.

"In New Jersey the law is that you have to yield the right of way to somebody displaying emergency lights. Once he stopped his vehicle, being that it was only blue lights, she didn't have to stay at the scene," McGurr said.

The suspect has been described as a white male, 5 feet 9 inches and 170 pounds, with a thin build, dark eyes, and brown hair, he is in his 40's.

Police said if you are ever unsure about the officer pulling you over it's best to call 911.


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