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Customers Seek Answers After Queens Bank Break-In

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Police remain on the scene of a Queens bank that was the scene of a bold heist.

Around midnight Saturday, police said thieves cut a hole in the roof and ransacked through several deposit boxes of Maspeth Federal Savings on Woodhaven Boulevard in Rego Park. Contents from several safe deposit boxes were taken and the boxes were left empty on the roof.

Many customers are frustrated and worried.

"I lost everything," Middle Village resident Tagua Demirchyan said. "They can't do nothing."

"Now I have to wait. I have valuables in the vault, or had," a customer said.

"It makes you feel lost, it's not a comfortable place to be," said Middle Village resident Peter Biondo, who is helping his cousin find out if any of the empty safe deposit boxes are his. "He's a little upset right now so I figured I'd come over and see if I could get any information."

Many fear the worst, that their valuables are gone.

"I lost everything, my jewelry, my daughter's jewelry," Demirchyan said.

The bank released a statement saying they are keeping their customers informed, while working with the police.

Authorities are investigating how thieves were able to cut a hole in the roof of the bank before stealing the valuables inside.

"I had bonds, savings bonds, I had a lot of them though. I imagine they probably got them.I don't know," Chris Ristuccia said.

When customers came to the bank Tuesday morning to get answers, they were greeted by yellow tape, a police officer and a "closed" sign advising them to contact the bank's main office, CBS2's Raegan Medgie reported.

"They don' have the decency to call the person who's been robbed?" John said, "They can't pick up a phone and make a phone call?"

While some fear a loss of valuables, others have been experiencing a loss for words.

"I don't know. I'm shaking. I don't know," Djuzijka Hot said.

A bank spokesperson said they still don't know which boxes were emptied. They're waiting for the NYPD and FBI to let them access the bank.

Police said the burglary is similar to several other incidents throughout Brooklyn and Queens that have occurred in the past five years.

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