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Former President Bill Clinton Talks Trump Impeachment, Hillary's 2020 Prospects During Stop At NYC School

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- On the very day the House of Representatives ordered articles of impeachment against the man who defeated his wife, Bill Clinton toured a school and talked politics, including a new poll showing Hillary is now the top choice of Democrats to run in 2020.

CBS2's Marcia Kramer caught up with the former president on Tuesday.

Some would say that nothing in Clintonland happens in a vacuum or without a lot of forethought, so when Bill Clinton decided to tour a Manhattan high school to talk about wellness programs on the very day Congress was acting against President Donald Trump, it seemed like he might want to schmooze a little.

After all, didn't Hillary hint at something on the Howard Stern show last week? After the shock jock called her "President Hillary Clinton," she said, "From you lips to God's ears, right?"

Hillary Clinton Book Signing
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signs copies of her new book "What Happened" during a book signing event at Barnes and Noble bookstore September 12, 2017. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

A new poll shows registered Democrats want to see a Hillary-Trump rematch in 2020.

The results of a hypothetical primary revealed the following Harris poll numbers:

* Hillary Clinton 21%
* Joe Biden 20%
* Bernie Sanders 12%
* Elizabeth Warren 9%
* Michael Bloomberg 7%

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Kramer asked Bill Clinton his thoughts on his wife running again, given the poll numbers.

"Well, I saw two of them yesterday," the former president said.

"Should she run?" Kramer asked.

"Ask her," Bill Clinton responded.

"Come on, should she run again?" Kramer pressed.

"Ask her," Bill Clinton repeated.

"What advice would you give her?" Kramer asked.

"None. We haven't talked about it. No, really. We talked about it before when she decided not to run," the former president said.

Bill Clinton, who, himself, faced impeachment over the Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones matters -- the House voted for impeachment; the Senate acquitted -- was also asked about the impeachment of Trump.

"Congress is doing what they believe is right. American people will see. Is it true and is it what they say? Then what should be done with it if its true? Meanwhile, the rest of us should go about our lives and all of us commenting on it won't have anything to do. They should do their job. I'll do mine," he said.

There have been rumors of Hillary Clinton possibly having a change of heart about a rematch. She has admitted she's been deluged with pleas to run again, but she has also told interviewers she would have to make up her mind quickly.

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