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Westchester Man Made Cryptic Comments Before Double Murder-Suicide

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- There were new developments Monday in a double murder-suicide in Westchester County.

On Friday, Steven Dym shot his wife and daughter before turning the gun on himself.

As CBS2's Erin Logan reported, a young man is now without his parents and his sister.

Flowers and an emotional letter addressed to the Dym family were left outside of their Pound Ridge home, a thank you for everything, and also a goodbye.

People who knew 56-year-old Steven Dym, and his 50-year-old wife Loretta, never could have predicted what happened Friday morning.

"You're trying to get inside the head of an individual who took his own life after taking two family member's lives. It's complicated," Chief David Ryan said.

Ryan was first on the scene after the family's maid called 911.

She found the couple and their 18-year-old daughter Caroline, shot dead. Police said Steven Dym shot his wife and daughter from the front in the torso.

Loretta had just gotten back from California the night before, after bringing her son, 20-year-old Will, back to college. Now, days later, the young man has returned to a heart wrenching situation.

"As you can expect, the child is in shock. He has tremendous support from both side so this family, and extended community family. He's a little overwhelmed right now, and I just think we need to allow him to grieve," Chief Ryan said.

Ryan said the family's house was recently sold and they were set to move, but there has been speculation over comments Dym recently made saying, 'maybe we're not moving.'

"I'm sure we'll uncover all red flags and indications, but there was certainly nothing glaring out there that says this was even a potential possibility," Ryan said.

Ryan added that they had never responded to any domestic violence calls at the home.

"There are other resources out there they can reach out to. She did not reach out to us specifically in our law enforcement capacity for anything domestic related," he said.

There are also questions regarding Dym potentially stealing money. Court papers show Dym, a real estate executive, was in state supreme court accused of taking nearly $22,000 from a client's account then refusing to show financial records. Attorney Richard Walsh told CBS2 that money was paid back, but there are still unanswered questions about rent checks and whether or not more money was missing.

While authorities continue the investigation, they're also focused on the well being of Will Dym.

"There is one surviving member here, a son who is traumatized beyond what any of us can imagine," Ryan said.

Chief Ryan said he, his department and other agencies are preparing for a very painful day on Wednesday. A mass will be held at St. Patrick's Church while the community says goodbye to three family members in the worst possible situation.


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