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Police In NJ Suburbs Frustrated With Rash Of Thefts From Cars

WYCKOFF, NJ (WCBS 880) -- Police in two New Jersey suburbs are frustrated after a rash of thefts from cars but the thieves never had to smash a window because the cars were all unlocked.

For the past few weeks, thieves have been prowling Wyckoff and Franklin Lakes overnight, stealing wallets, cameras, iPads and GPS units from cars.

WCBS 880's Sean Adams reports: Police Say Thefts Could Have Been Prevented


"Every one of these cars is unlocked," said Wyckoff Police Chief Benjamin Fox. "Thieves are not breaking into cars in any way. They're simply in the middle of the night, pulling door handles and when they find an unlocked car, they enter the car."

It's vexing for Fox because he says the crimes could have easily been prevented.

"It's frustrating that for years we've had these kinds of crimes and I just keep telling people over and over and over again, lock the car's doors," he said.

Fox says these thieves are looking for the easy score. If the car door is locked, they move on.

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