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Planning A Super Bowl Party? Here Are Some Tips From The Experts

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Rams will take on the Patriots during Super Bowl LIII this Sunday.

If you still have a Super Bowl party to plan, don't worry, CBS2 spoke to the experts about how to get ready for the big game.

Your favorite team may not have made it into this year's Super Bowl…

"I would have liked to see the Saints in the game," Jim McCusker of Mahwah said.

"We are huge Giants fans, but they didn't quite make it this year," Bonnie Kriger jokingly added.

Despite 30 teams and their fans being on the outside looking in, most fans will still be watching.

Chef and lifestyle expert Ashton Keefe has them all covered.

"They're supposed to be fun. You're not buying presents. Nowhere you need to go. It's about relaxing with friends and enjoying good food," Keefe said.

The chef says realize before shopping, this type of party doesn't have to cost you a lot. Sometimes buying store-made items is your best bet.

"I always say things like dips are really easy to buy."

WEB EXTRA: Some recipes from Ashton Keefe

And always think about the cleanup.

"Always get crudites. It's cut up, it's easy. You don't have to worry about the mess and the prep."

There are some tricks to keep your party healthy as well.

"To make guacamole even healthier, what you can do is substitute half the avocado for frozen peas that you thawed," Keefe suggested.

Keefe says forget the beer this year. What's expected to be popular for adults is the wine "The Calling," which was created by CBS Sports broadcaster Jim Nantz.

"People will be drinking because it goes so hand in hand with sports and football."

It's also time to order your bigger food items like heroes and buckets of wings. Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace has been taking food orders for the game since last week.

"All that stuff that takes a long time to do at home, order it now, we will do it for you," Peter Damiano, Uncle Giuseppe's director of prepared foods said.

As for decorations, they're flying off the shelves at Party Fair in Ramsey, New Jersey.

"This year it seems like people are going full force with party ware," Party Fairs Claire Kimmel said.

The owner thinks sales are up because of the official Super Bowl colors this year - blue, white, and gray.

"I think when they go back to basics, they make better sales," Kimmel explained.

Rising sales, crowded stores, now if only the local teams were playing you'd have all the ingredients of a perfect party.

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