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Child Psychologist: Parents Oversharing Pictures On Social Media Harming Kids

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Parents might be doing more harm than good by posting pictures of their children that they might think are cute or funny on social media.

CBS2's Dave Carlin reports children are butting heads with their parents over pictures that mom and dad post online.

"I was upset. I confronted her and said I don't want this on your Instagram. It's me sleeping," high school senior Jed Bondy told CBS2 of a picture his mom posted of him on her Instagram.

Allison Van Cott told CBS2 she made her parents take down pictures of her when she was younger.

"It's just like bad pictures of me when I was younger," she said. "I make them take it down."

Child psychologist Dr. Susan Bartell told CBS2 that parents just don't understand how embarrassing it is for the child. She said parents should never post anything about their child online unless they get permission to do so.

"Your child's role in life is to grow up to be a healthy, hopefully intact adult, so when you put your kid in that position, when you're using him for comedy value and not even asking permission, you're crossing another boundary that makes them feel like I can do that to other people. I can make fun of my friends and videotape it and put it online," Bartell told CBS2.

Bartell said parents should pause before posting and make privacy the priority.

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