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MUST SEE: Cops And Robbers Caught On Video Inside Bed Stuy Delicatessen

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A foiled robbery was caught on video. Two armed suspects are seen inside a Brooklyn deli on Wednesday night.

The video shows them acting tough at first, but then the cops are seen closing in and they had nowhere to go and ended up behaving like characters in a comedy movie, CBS 2's Dave Carlin reported Friday.

Surveillance video shows deli worker Said Jafaar reliving the scariest moments of his life. He was robbed and beaten by a pair of armed robbers in the Bedford Stuyvesant store.

"They beat me many times on my head on my legs," Jafaar said.

But four minutes into the attack, the tables turned.

Police officers are seen in the doorway. They just happened to look inside as Jafaar was getting pistol-whipped and kicked.

"They were heroes. They came in time," Jafaar said.

Now, the hunters are being hunted. They are seen scrambling to the back of the store, with nowhere to go.

The officers are seen telling customers to flee out the front door. And Jafaar, with his multiple injuries, is seen running outside to safety.

"I got a chance to escape, that's it," Jafaar said.

At the back of the store the two men are seen panicking, tossing items, which police later said included Jafaar's wallet and cell phone.

The suspects tried one final act of desperation by kicking a hole into a locked door, only to find it was a bathroom and not an exit.

Resigned to their fates, the men eventually surrendered, slowly raising their hands and getting on the ground.

"I feel lucky. Thank God," Jafaar said.

Friday was Jafaar's first day back since getting attacked, working even though his head, hands and legs were still hurting him. He said he wants things to get back to normal and he's glad to see the busted door was replaced.

Jafaar credited Officer Mark Xylas and Officer Favio Quizhpi with saving his life, and he said he was glad the surveillance video exists, showing both bravery and a little comic relief.

Police identified the suspects in Wednesday night's robbery as 20-year-old Isaiah Henderson and 23-year-old James Gillespie, both of Brooklyn.

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