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Man Mugged, Robbed Of Family's Presents Christmas Morning

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A man was assaulted by four men in the Soundview section of the Bronx just after midnight on Christmas morning.

Unfortunately for them, the victim fought back.

He spoke with CBS2's Scott Rapoport about the frightening ordeal.

To Steven Sampson, the 9 stitch gash on his upper arm isn't the only pain he experienced early Sunday morning when he was allegedly attacked by four men wearing ski-masks.

According to Sampson, the men also stole $2,500 worth of Christmas presents he bought for his wife and 2 daughters.

"I realized in the end, my gifts were gone," he said.

He says it happened on the corner of Bolton and Randall Avenues just after midnight Sunday.

The 41-year-old FDNY EMT -- and 9/11 first responder -- says he was organizing the presents in the back of his car when trouble came calling.

After the men announced their intentions, one of them reached for his phone.

What the thieves didn't know was that they were messing with the wrong guy -- Sampson is a black belt in Judo and Akido.

He tells CBS2 that his fighting instinct immediately kicked in, grabbing the first man by the arm.

"Two to three shots to the arm and I felt it pop," he said.

Sampson then turned his attention to the second attacker.

"I punched him in the face and he went to the ground," he said.

Sampson says he then jumped into his car to get away -- that's when he felt his shirt soaked with blood. He realized he was stabbed "very deep to the bone."

After driving himself to the hospital, he says it was only after being treated and dismissed that he noticed the gifts for his wife and daughters were gone.

The thieves made off with a couple of drones, some iTunes gift cards, and makeup for his 16-year-old daughter according to Sampson.

The NYPD is currently investigating the theft.

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