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Madonna Responds To Parking Controversy In Typical Madge Fashion

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) --  Perhaps she is just trying to express herself, but Madonna is causing a commotion on the Upper East Side.

The "material girl" isn't winning over neighbors near her East 81st Street townhouse since allegedly having "Tenant Parking Only" signs posted in front of her home, "no parking" etched into the sidewalk and having the curb painted yellow, TMZ reported.

That was a move the DOT didn't cherish.

A Department of Transportation inspector, acting on a complaint from a neighbor, came to the Madonna Townhouse Wednesday and issued an official "letter of defacement."

City law prohibits defacement of sidewalks or illegal placement of signage. In this case "the paint and imprint."

The superstar is instructed to remove all illegal signage, in this case the sidewalk ones, and remove improperly placed paint.

"It's a distraction, yes it's overkill," Upper East Side resident Al Westenberger told CBS2's Dave Carlin.

Others say Madonna should be allowed her extra signs because she is extra famous, making her vulnerable to looky-loos and stalkers.

"Maybe because she's famous she needs more security so maybe she needs to be assured nobody can park in front of her house," Upper East Side resident Jessica De Vreeze said.

Even though some people who have seen the raised lettering call it classy and well done, the DOT says this is defacing public property and sent a letter to Madonna stating just that.

Madonna took to social media to react to the complaint.

"Yes Bishes I am Madonna and that is my driveway and if people park in front of it i cant drive in my driveway! So sorry the city doesn't like the color yellow! We will paint a nice dull grey to keep our neighbors happy! Sorry ????! Im saying 3 extra Hail Mary's this Easter for this transgression!" she wrote in an Instagram post.

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