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Lynbrook School Sees 11 Sets Of Twins In One Kindergarten Class

LYNBROOK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Talk about seeing double!

There are 11 sets of twins in one class this year at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center on Long Island.

"As we had registration last winter we had five sets, then it turned into six and seven, and a few weeks ago we just got our 11th set of twins," Principal Ellen Postman told WCBS 880's Sophia Hall on Friday. "It was very exciting."

Lynbrook School Sees 11 Sets Of Twins In One Kindergarten Class

It is a record for the school, Postman said.

"It's fun, it's wonderful, it's exciting for us and I love their personalities, how they complement each other and how they take care of each other, which is very important. They really look out for their twins," Postman said.

Among the mix are one set of identical girl twins, one set of fraternal girl twins, two sets of fraternal boy twins and seven sets of girl-boy twins, CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reported.

The twins are separated, but they are within the same session, Postman said.

"This way they can establish different friends and share their friends with their twins," Postman said.

Teacher Jillian Marr told McLogan the goal is to treat each twin as an individual.

"The biggest challenge is not comparing them because each twin is so unique," Marr said. "So you want to make sure that you treat them very differently, and understand they both come from the same family, but they are still each their own person."

Added kindergarten assistant Melissa Fabel, "They are just delicious at this age -- wonderful inquiring minds, very curious."


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