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Liz Fry Completes Round Trip Swim From Manhattan To New Jersey's Sandy Hook

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Just call her Aquawoman.

Elizabeth Fry, 52, of Westport, Conn., who two years ago broke the record for swimming clockwise around Manhattan and became the first woman to swim around the borough in that direction, today broke the record for swimming from Manhattan to Sandy Hook, NJ.

Fry clocked 4:59:02 for 17.5 miles over a difficult course to break the mark of 5:06:48 set by Australia's Tammy van Wisse in 2006.

Fry, who battles asthma, also became the first swimmer—male or female—to complete a round trip of 35 miles when she swam back to Battery Park City in lower Manhattan on Tuesday night.

On Tuesday morning, Fry dove into the brisk waters off Battery Park into New York Harbor to swim from the tip of Manhattan to New Jersey's Sandy Hook and back.

"Everything that everybody does in life is part of history," Fry said.

She successfully crossed the English Channel three times since 2003 and had tried but failed to swim it both ways. She lasted 24 hours before giving up on the 21-mile feat.

In 2009, Fry became the first woman to swim clockwise against the current around Manhattan Island.

Would you ever attempt the swim? Let us know below...

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