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Little Girl Donates Piggy Bank Money To Officer Fighting Cancer

1010 WINS-This selfless little girl is using the money she's saved up in her piggy bank to help a police officer with cancer.

Sidney Fahrenbruch, a big fan of the men and women in blue who keep her Colorado neighborhood safe, visits the Longmont police station weekly, usually to bring them candy and cookies for doing such a tremendous job.


When 4-year-old Sidney noticed a fundraiser poster for officer Kyle Zulauf on the wall, she decided she wanted to help. Instead of buying a toy, she brought them the $9.00 she had saved to contribute to his fund.

Zulauf, an army veteran, and father of three was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a year and a half ago and his station has been trying to help raise funds for additional surgeries.

Sidney's mother, Megan Fahrenbruch tells 1010 WINS that little Sidney's relationship with her local police department began a year and a half ago when she brought an officer directing traffic water on a 90 degree day. "Then she started to bring the police department candy at Halloween, pies at Thanksgiving, cookies at Christmas time... She would always tell us she wanted a police best friend."

Just this past July, a different officer helped search her new home for monsters -- luckily none were found.

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"It was surprising that a 4-year-old would give up her money," says Fahrenbruch. "Sidney is just a kind-hearted child. We are very proud of her."

If you would like to donate to officer Zulauf's fundraiser, more information can be found here.

-Joe Cingrana

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