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Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl Ring Sells For $230K

New York, NY (WFAN) - After not knowing his son put his Super Bowl XXV ring up for auction earlier this week, LT's ring has a new owner and it didn't come cheap.

On Thursday the ring had a high bid of $37,892, then on Friday the highest bid jumped to a whopping $89,568 after 21 bids.

According to the auction site SCP Auctions, the winning bid was $192,001 but after the buyer's commission is included the price rose to $230,401.20.

When the ring appeared on the website, it was described as "arguably the most significant" Super Bowl ring to ever hit the open market. The piece is highlighted by two football-shaped diamonds with "GIANTS" above and "WORLD CHAMPIONS" below.

The ring will come with a notarized letter of authorization from Taylor himself, though the winner shouldn't expect the 21-year-old bling to arrive in pristine condition.

"The ring shows considerable wear," the description read, "that in some eyes, only enhances (its) aura."

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