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After A Decade Of Waiting, Hunters Point Library Opens With Stunning Views Of NYC For Readers

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – It's been nearly ten years in the making, now the brand new Hunters Point Library in Long Island City, Queens is finally open.

The new library came with an over $40 million price tag.

CBS2's Nick Caloway reports many who plan on using that library say it's worth the price.

The new library on Center Boulevard has everything you'd expect from a modern library, books, computers, and more books.

Take a step back and it doesn't look much like a library at all and, for most, that's just fine.

"I personally think it's really beautiful," Jeanne Lambert said.

"I'm excited for it to open. It's very modern, it's fun looking," Anita Cardoza added.

The brand new building is already becoming something of a landmark for New Yorkers and tourists alike.

"We were in Manhattan visiting the Guggenheim and thought we'd take a look at Steven Holl's building," Jamie Calderwood of New Hampshire said.

Architect Steven Holl took on the task of designing a library in the digital age.

"I believe that a balance between the digital and the book is essential," Holl said.

Holl designed the library in ascending tiers with books featured as the main attraction and technology centers hidden behind.

"For me, that step section was a way of saying that the digital and the book are in a kind of balance. And that is, the book will never die," Holl added.

The book may never die, but for those who live nearby, it seemed as if this library might never happen.

"We're really excited for it to open, because we've been waiting a really long time for it," Angela Cho said.

The project was nine years and one day in the making, but for many, the view is worth the wait.

The Hunters Point Library sits on the East River, featuring panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline so readers can marvel at more than just the books.

Critics of the new building will point out the $43 million price tag, but in today's technology-driven world, those who plan on using the library say it's good to see the city investing in good old fashioned books.


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