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CBS2 Has What You Need To Know About The Latest Holiday Season Party Planning Trends

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Believe it or not, the holidays are fast approaching.

And that means parties.

CBS2's Alice Gainer went to The Event Planner Expo in New York City to see what's trending for your next soiree.

"Technology is taking our business in the event spaces, a huge trend," event planner Colin Cowie said.

Holiday party planning
CBS2 has what you need to know to play the hippest holiday season party. (Photo: CBS2)

Gainer saw booth after booth of the latest in high-tech dance floors, flower and decor, a giant Lite Bright you can rent and there's a new spin on photo booths, including one that literally takes a 180-degree picture.

"There's 13 cameras inside the rig and all the cameras go off simultaneously," said Christopher Reffin, a sales associate for sharingbox Spin.

Then there's the food, with an emphasis on healthy.

"Fresh, local, clean ... a lot of people are trying to get away from processed foods," said Alexander Goldman of Five Senses Private Catering. "Instead of tomato, we use local blackberries. Instead of basil, we use local mint. And we use homemade baby mozzarella."

Fresh Thai-inspired rolled ice cream is another social media favorite.

"Basically we make a gloss and then were pour it on this chiller plate. It instantly freezes and then we roll it," said Joseph Chan from 10Below Ice Cream.

And don't forget the drinks, and not just the champagne and wine. It's important not to forget those who don't drink alcohol.

"Everybody has a chance to experience the chemistry behind the bar," said Jano Raro, a bartender at Up & Down.

Or how about a proprietary soda with western-themed stand-and-steel mugs.

"It's creating ... evoking the memories of the older generations," said Scott Niccolai, the founder and CEO of Wild Bill's Soda.

CBS2's Gainer saw Santa, himself, trying to drum up some business ahead of schedule. Other decor ideas for fall and winter include flowers.

"Ferns with color, any kind of color you like, for fall," Winston Flowers' Julio Salas said. "Fresh evergreens, maybe some nice berries."

Cowie said the important thing to remember is that trends come and go.

"Great style comes from ruthless editing. So I like walking through here figuring out what works and what doesn't work," Cowie said.

He said to just focus on giving your guests an experience representative of you.

A few of those rentals, like the photo booths and Lite Bright, can run thousands of dollars. Another tip with table arrangements, watch the eye level. A big mistake we're told is putting up arrangements that block the view of the person across from you.

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