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Family-Friendly DIY Crafts To Spook Up Your House For Halloween

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Is your house Halloween ready?

Elizabeth Shaw, editor-in-chief of FamilyFun Magazinestopped by CBS2 on Sunday morning to show off some simple, family-friendly do-it-yourself crafts to decorate your home for the season.

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Click on the video above for more, and check out these step-by-step directions below:

Spider Nests

What you'll need:

· White stocking
· White stuffing
· Hot glue
· Plastic spiders (or DIY daddy longlegs)
What to do:

1. Stuff a ball of white stuffing into the foot of a pair of white tights.

2. Hand from a curtain rod or 3M hook.

3. Hot-glue sliders to the tights.

Halloween Pillows

What you'll need:

· Duct tape
· Fabric pillows
· Parchment paper
· Scissors
What to do:

1. Stick the duct tape to the parchment paper. Layer a couple strips to get a sheet of tape.

2. Cut out your design.

3. Peel off the parchment paper and stick it to your pillow.

Slithering Serpents

What you'll need:

· 12 x 12-inch scrapbook paper
· Pointy object like a blunt pencil or ballpoint pen
· Adhesive jewels
· Removable mounting adhesive
What to do:

1. Place the paper face down on a padded surface (like a folded newspaper).

2. Use the pointy object to press a long, curvy line into the paper from one end to the other.

3. Cut out the snake, leaving about 1⁄2 inch on either side of the line; taper one end for the tail and cut a wide triangle on the other for the head.

4. Flip the paper over and pinch along the scored line; the snake will start to curve.

5. Add adhesive red jewels for eyes.

6. Attach snakes to the wall with removable adhesive.

Box Bat

What you'll need:

· 16-ounce pasta box
· Glue stick
· Black wrapping or construction paper
· Craft knife
· Battery-operated tea lights
· White paper circles
· Pink paper
· Double-sided tape
What to do:

1. Cut the top flaps off a box, then flip it over. Use a glue stick to cover the sides and bottom with black wrapping or construction paper.

2. Halfway up the front, mark spots for eyes two inches apart. With a craft knife, cut an X for each eye (an adult's job), then widen each of the holes to measure 3/8 inch across. Insert battery-operated tea lights into the box so that the "flames" protrude through the holes.

3. Cut white paper circles for the eyeballs, piercing small holes in the centers. Glue on the eyeballs, paper fangs, and a pink paper mouth as shown.

4. Draw and cut out black ears and wings; attach them to the back of the box with double-sided tape.

Mighty Spiders

What you'll need:

· Small & large black pompoms
· Tacky glue
· 2 small jewels
· Wire cutters
· 18-gauge paper-wrapped floral wire
· Waxed paper
· Black acrylic paint
· Brush
What to do:

1. To make each spider's head and body, use tacky glue to join a small and a large black pom-pom. Glue two small jewels to the smaller one for eyes, then set the pom-poms aside to dry.

2. Use wire cutters to cut four equal lengths of 18-gauge paper-wrapped floral wire and carefully straighten the wires. Set them on waxed paper, apply black acrylic paint with a brush, and let dry.

3. Twist the strands together at their center points to create an eight-pronged starburst. Bend the joined wires to resemble spider legs, as shown.

4. Glue the spider body atop the legs' center point and let it dry.

Bug Runner

What you'll need:

· Hot glue
· Plastic bugs
· White table runner
What to do:

1. Hot-glue plastic bugs to the runner. Let dry.

Monster Table Legs

What you'll need:

· About 2 yards faux fur
· Hot glue gun & glue
· Batting or recycled material
· 2 to 3 sheets of craft foam for toenails
· Duct tape
· Tablecloth

What to do:

1. Cut a piece of fur tall enough to cover your table leg, plus six inches in width. Fold it in half inside out, then cut a curve into both side edges. Repeat for all four.

2. Hot-glue the edges together, let dry, then flip right-side-out. Hot-glue triangles of craft foam onto the bottom for feet.

3. Thread onto the table leg, the stuff with batting until it holds its shape. Use duct tape to secure to the underside of the table. Repeat for all four, then lay a tablecloth on top of the table.

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