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Hair Loss: A Growing Problem Among Women

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- While it's normally considered a man's problem, hair loss is a growing issue among women.

Dr. Francesa Fusco hit The Couch to fill us in on why this is happening - and what women can do to prevent hair loss.

"There's a variety of causes, of course there's a genetic predisposition that some of us have," Dr. Fusco said.

"Nutritionally speaking, we're dieting a lot these days, we're restricting the intake of certain foods," she said. "If you don't have enough protein in your diet, you can have hair shedding."

Also, gaining and losing weight, along with hormonal factors, taking oral contraceptives, getting pregnant and giving birth can all have an effect on hair loss.

Daily styling can also take its toll.

"We have a lot of styling options these days to make our hair look sleek and smooth. The combination of chemicals that you're using to color your hair, straighten your hair, the products you're using - it's heat, heat, heat - it's very damaging."

Dr. Fusco had several tips to prevent hair loss (your ponytail can also be causing the damage!) and suggestions for products to use  to combat female hair loss.


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