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Gov. Cuomo Delivers Pre-Taped Address To New Yorkers On Final Day In Office

ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Andrew Cuomo spent his final day as governor of New York packing the last of his belongings. He also delivered a pre-taped farewell speech.

It was the final note to a stunning fall from grace for the man who intended to beat his dad's record and serve four terms, CBS2's Marcia Kramer reported Monday.

Cuomo left the public stage for the last time with, if you believe what his aides said, a farewell speech and a fishing poll.

Albany's once 800-pound gorilla was reduced by a sexual harassment scandal to a 15 pound circus monkey.

"Hello, as you probably know, I'm stepping aside as your governor," Cuomo said in the speech.

Instead of slinking quietly away, Cuomo chose to remind New Yorkers one last time of his accomplishments: dealing with COVID when it first arrived, building bridges and airports, Robert Moses-like public projects.

"Not talk, action. Hundreds of projects all across the state," he said.

WATCH: Gov. Cuomo's Final Address

Even on his last day, there was the hint of a new scandal. Reports said he was leaving town without his dog, Captain, abandoning him in the executive mansion.

Animal rights activists were up in arms, forcing Cuomo spokesperson Rich Azzopardi to deny the story.

"Do you think Kathy Hochul would want Captain crashing at the mansion?" Azzopardi told Kramer.

He said Captain is "family." The governor is picking up him and the rest of his belongings before his last goodbye.

If you believe secretary to the governor Melissa DeRosa, it's Cuomo's final goodbye to public service. Twenty-five years is apparently enough for the man who, just months ago, was contemplating seeking a fourth term.

"He looks forward to spending time with his family and has a lot of fishing to catch up on. He is exploring a number of options, but has no interest in running for office again," DeRosa said in a statement.

Political expert Hank Sheinkopf doesn't believe it.

"Andrew Cuomo without the ability to talk about politics and power is an Andrew Cuomo that doesn't exist," Sheinkopf said. "He'll find a place to make himself prominent, well-known and a position on which he can talk about the things that matter."

Cuomo did bow out with unexpected humility.

"We didn't get everything done that we wanted to, or even everything we should have done, and we didn't always get it quite right... I tried my best to deliver for you," Cuomo said.

It's unclear where Cuomo is heading next. His things were delivered to his sister Maria's home in Westchester (there are reports he wants to rent a home there).

If he wants to go fishing, he'll head to the Hamptons with his brother Chris.

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