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Giants' Osi: Toomer 'Dead Wrong' For Comments On Warner

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Former Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer has been a one-man headline machine lately.

Toomer wasn't too thrilled with the worries aired out last week by ex-NFL quarterback Kurt Warner, who said the idea of his sons playing football frightened him in the wake of "Bountygate" in New Orleans, the league's increased number of concussions and the suicide of Junior Seau.

"I'd definitely have my son to play football," Toomer said Thursday. "That's what the Toomer family does. We all play football. What this reminds me of is the guy at the basketball court, who once he gets done playing takes the ball and ruins the game for everybody else."

He added: "I think Kurt Warner needs to keep his opinions to himself when it comes to this. Everything that he's gotten in his life has come from playing football. He works at the NFL Network right now. For him to try and trash the game, it seems to me that it's just a little disingenuous to me."

Toomer's comments drew harsh criticism from a pair of former teammates. Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora defended Warner in a series of tweets Tuesday.

"Love Toomer thats my Guy, but he is dead wrong for attacking Kurt like that," Umenyiora wrote.

Earlier, Umenyiora tweeted Warner was right "to think how he is thinking about his kids and football," adding that it has been "an awesome game and has done a lot for me" but down the road "there is a strong chance (I'll) be in a wheelchair."

"If i can avoid that for my son, i will," Umenyiora posted via Twitter. "But if he wants to play i wont stop him."

Trevor Pryce, who played with Toomer at Michigan, said his ex-teammate's salvo was "probably the most idiotic thing I've ever heard."

"Here's why," Pryce told Jim Rome on the CBS Sports Network, "the fact that Kurt Warner said he didn't want his kids playing football should be predicated on one thing -- he didn't want his kids playing NFL football. And that's a big difference. Little league football? Every kid wants to play little league football."

For Toomer, it wasn't anything personal.

"I love Kurt ... I just didn't agree with his recent comments," he tweeted last week. "Friends can disagree. right?"

Do you think Toomer was way out of line? Sound off in the comments below...

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