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Faith Hill Says 'American Heart' Brought Her To Tears

Faith Hill almost multitasked her way right past her newest single.

It's true. The singer told the Pat and Tom show on Sacramento's KNCI that she was in the kitchen recently "cooking dinner, and I had my computer open, checking emails, trying to multitask, do multiple things all at the same time," when someone forwarded her a copy of the song "American Heart." She says she almost ignored it.

"I didn't really want to listen to the song because I thought, well, what if I happen to like it? That means I'm not done with my record!"

But she says, she's glad she did because she says the song brought her to tears. "It honestly did." She said what moved her most was "the spirit of the song. I just thought 'wow, this is something I needed to be reminded of.'"

The song, she explains, addresses the hard times many Americans are facing these days. The ultimate message, though, she feels is that "sometimes we just need to remember that we...we got this. We're gonna get through this." So the song, she says, "spoke to me deeply."

Listen to the full Faith Hill interview on KNCI.

Faith and her husband, Tim McGraw, begin their series of Soul 2 Soul performances at The Venetian in Las Vegas on December 7.

- Pat Still, KNCI/Sacramento

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