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EXCLUSIVE: Jersey City Man Says He Was The Victim In Gang Training Seminar

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (CBS 2) -- A man claims he was the victim of a training mission – the target of a 12-year-old boy being taught by older kids how to steal.

The victim recounted the gunpoint attack in an exclusive interview with CBS 2's Derricke Dennis on Tuesday.

It was frightening encounter at gunpoint. A 27-year-old man said he was followed down the street last Friday, confronted, held up and patted down.

"He was just holding the gun right here," the victim said, demonstrating. "He was just checking my front pockets, my back pockets, and front pockets."

The man said he was robbed of everything -- by a trio of teenagers. Flyers described the youngest as being around 12 and the oldest around 17.

"It looked like as if the two older guys was teaching the younger kid how to rob people, you know, like gang or something," the victim said.

CBS 2 protected his identity, but he talked about the disturbing attack on 5th Street between Erie and Jersey avenues. He retraced his steps, outraged at how young, how bold, and how armed the teenagers were.

"Two of them had guns, yes, so, yeah, it was pretty scary I would say," the victim said.

He said his wallet with cash, a cell phone, his bank card, student ID, and work authorization card, costing close to $400, were all swiped.

"More than the cash, I'm more worried about the cards, because it's really a long process to get the driver's license back, and the work authorization card back and everything," the victim said.

After the late-night attack, the victim said he got in touch with the neighborhood association, which posted the flyers all around, hoping someone saw the attack or might have surveillance video of the young thugs.

"There was a risk that it could have ended badly, so I didn't take any chances," the victim said.

So, there was no fighting back and not even a look at the trio of robbers. A gun to the temple showed how threatening a robbery can be, at any age.

Jersey City police are looking for robbers, and have officers patrolling the area.

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