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Caved In Selden Home Had Stood For More Than Four Decades

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) -- It wasn't only the roads on Long Island that were affected by the blizzard, the snow also proved to be too much for some buildings including a Selden home that had been standing for more than four decades.

Residents told CBS 2's Amy Dardashtian that the loss of the home has affected the entire neighborhood.

"They're lived there since the house was built. raised their kids in this neighborhood, it's kind of hard to watch it all go away," said Michael Thyfault.

Thyfault was outside shoveling when the roof caved in. The man who lives in the home was also outside, his wife was in the house and manged to escape in her slippers.

"His wife came running out, everyone was safe. People took them in, got them safe, got them home," he said.

Neighbors said the collapse has left the family in shock.

"The woman was crying. She was in extreme shock," said a man who identified himself as John.

The town building inspector immediately condemned the home.

"People don't realize the weight of the snow. It's very dangerous if you don't take care of it," resident Michael Dowell said.

The collapse sent some neighbors scrambling to clear snow off of their own roofs, but others told CBS 2 that they have no plans to do so.

Residents who do plan on clearing snow off of their homes are advised to hire a professional, or use a rake with an extender to clear it from the ground.

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