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WATCH: 'Subway Surfer' Shocks Straphangers By Hanging Off Moving C Train

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A daredevil straphanger's dangerous expedition underground was caught on camera.

Cell phone video shows a man hanging onto the outside of a subway car as it traveled through a pitch black tunnel. The man who took the video says the rider couldn't get in the train, so he got onto the train -- literally.

You can see the man holding on outside of the train's doors, even letting one arm down as it passes through the tunnel. After a little over a minute, the man jumps off at the next stop.

Matt Beary filmed the ordeal around 8:30 a.m. Friday on the C train. He says the man subway surfed from the Clinton-Washington station to Lafayette Avenue.

"The woman next to me had her hand over her mouth in shock," he said.

Straphangers who saw the video were stunned. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority says it's illegal, and warns riders in posters that "surfing" is deadly. In fact, the agency says between 1989 and 2011, 13 people were killed hanging off a train. 56 more were injured.

The NYPD says it's investigating the incident and reminds everyone that trying to do something similar could land you in jail.

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