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Shocked Students Watch As Parents Scuffle During Football Game Between Brick And Jackson

BRICK TOWNSHIP, N.J.(CBSNewYork) -- No one would have expected a high school football game to end with parents pushing and shoving.

The incident, which took place at a championship game between Brick Memorial and Jackson, was the talk of the town on Monday.

"People unhappy, some of the spectators got out of hand," Douglas Moore said.

There was about a minute of play left on the field, but fans told CBS2's Meg Baker that the real action was in the stands.

"Suddenly some chaos going on in the student section. I looked over and saw a huge brawl," Ryan January said.

That's when January got his phone out. His video has more than 1,500 views and hundreds of comments.

"A lot of adults involved. Surprised me, I've seen kids fight, but a lot of parents," he said.

People in town felt the same way.

"I mean it's a football game. I understand getting worked up, but it's football, a kid's game," Chris Pionegro said.

Brick Superintendent, Dr. Richard Caldes said he ran over to the fight, and since investigating the situation, found that a parent threw a megaphone into the student section, prompting the mayhem.

He said he was proud of the way most students reacted.

"A lesson that the adults aren't always the ones that behave correctly. In this situation our students stood out," he said.

In the game played at Rutgers University's stadium, the Brick Memorial Mustangs lost to Jackson Memorial 42-14, but it was some of the Brick parents who lost more...their dignity.


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