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Bloomberg Reflects On 12 Years Of Accomplishments

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - As Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 12 years in office come to an end, he's reflecting on his legacy.

For years and even as recently as a few months ago, the mayor grumbled whenever anyone asked him about his legacy.

But when asked this week about his time in office, Bloomberg spent nearly two and a half minutes rattling off a list of accomplishments under his tenure.

Bloomberg Reflects On 12 Years Of Accomplishments

He mentioned a number of improvements to transportation in the city.

"First new subway line since the 50s," said the mayor.

"You talk to anybody who drives a green cab, they think they've died and gone to heaven," he added.

Bloomberg also mentioned Citi Bike as a boon for the city.

The mayor also highlighted the city's takeover of the school system.

"We want to whip ourselves for some reason or another, but this school system is the model in this country for what you do with a big school system and how you improve it," said Bloomberg.

The mayor also mentioned the steady drop in crimes since he took over at City Hall.

"If I had stood here 12 years ago and said 'we're gonna have under 315 murders,' you would have laughed me off the stage," Bloomberg said.

The mayor has also led the charge on a number of public health initiatives, from banning smoking indoors to requiring chain restaurants to post calorie counts on menus.

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