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Ask A NYC Expert: Trendy Halloween Costumes

Kayne West and Kim Kardashian
Singer Kayne West and TV personality Kim Kardashian attend the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

With Halloween nearing, the moment has arrived to start planning your costume. For 2015 expect to see an inundation of pop culture references, including pregnant Kim Kardashian, Kanye for president, Caitlyn Jenner, Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMAs, The Donald, Star Wars, minions, and popular TV shows such as American Horror Story, Orange is the New Black and Inside Out. Elaine Schiff, senior designer for the New York-based special occasion, prom and bridal brand Faviana, has provided her fashion expertise to help you wow your friends this Halloween. With more than two decades in the industry and a background in theatrical design, Schiff is the go-to person for Halloween costume ideas, having begun her own creations at the age of eight.

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Elaine Schiff
500 7th Ave., Floor 17B
New York, NY 10018
(212) 594-4422

Elaine Schiff joined the special occasion fashion house in 2014, bringing with her years of designing expertise. Besides the title of senior designer, Schiff has a passion for creating Halloween costumes for friends and family. Favorites have been William Wallace (Braveheart), a polar bear and a life-like silver crescent moon, among others. Although Schiff has offered tips to recreate what she believes will be the trending Halloween costumes of 2015, she also suggested keeping an eye on the opening of a major pop art retrospective on Sept. 17 at The Tate Gallery in London, which will undoubtedly give rise to an influx of Andy Warhol and Lichenstein makeup effects.

Caitlyn Jenner

"Caitlyn Jenner will be a very popular look this Halloween," says Schiff. "With all of the openness about transgender people and the transformational aspects of Halloween costumes, we will see many Caitlyn Jenners." Schiff suggests Faviana gowns to be as glamorous as Caitlyn. For hair and makeup, Elaine advises to use the many online tutorials, or even Kim Kardashian's Instagram.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian

Immediately following the 2015 VMAs, a disgraceful meme was generated comparing the pregnant Kim K to Danny DeVito's character The Penguin from the 1992 movie Batman Returns. Yes, a pregnant Kim Kardashian Halloween costume idea is "ripe for the picking," says Schiff. This is an easy costume to create using a tummy pillow, a behind pillow, false eyelashes and a long black wig. And don't forget to end each statement as if it were a question...?

Kanye For President 2020

Joking or not, Kanye for President 2020 was declared by West during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. "With the circus the campaign has been thus far," says Schiff. "A Kanye for President Halloween costume is sure to trend this year. Choose something you can execute without too much trouble…this is supposed to be fun." Simply grab and oversized t-shirt advises Schiff, wear a pair of sneakers and create a poster proclaiming, "Kanye for President 2020."

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The Donald Or Trump My Cat

Love him or lose him, The Donald has taken the masses by storm, forming the social media craze, Trump My Cat. "You can't go wrong this Halloween dressed as Donald Trump, with a suit, wads of fake $100 bills and a massive comb over," says Schiff. Take the look to the next level and bring your pet in a toupee, or dress as a cat with a bad weave. Elaine suggests borrowing clothes from a friend, buying second-hand for Halloween or hosting a pre-Halloween party. "Invite your friends to bring elements they may be willing to loan each other once everyone decides who/what they want to become."

Miley Cyrus At The 2015 VMAs

With nine costume changes at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards -- not including the Wrecking Ball singer's red carpet look -- fans of Miley Cyrus have an assortment of Halloween costumes to choose from. According to Elaine, "As long as you chose the key items that visually define the look you are going for, and use them like Cyrus, you will identify yourself as the character you wish to portray. Miley is another groundbreaking personality with a plethora of looks to interpret for Halloween, such as bright colors, fun makeup, platform shoes and bare-it-all appeal." If pasting feathers and plastic aren't your forte, Schiff suggests trying one of these gowns by Faviana to get Miley's glam MTV look.

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Deirdre is a freelance writer from New York, fascinated with topics within her field of study such as beauty, hair and fashion, as well as guilty pleasures like reality TV, relationships, entertainment and dining.

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