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Anthony Weiner Hints At Hillary Clinton 2016 Run During Interview

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Embattled mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner hinted Monday night that Hillary Clinton may be eyeing a run for president in 2016, but said his sexting scandals could have damaged his wife's career.

In the nearly 40 minute interview with the viral website Buzzfeed, Weiner opened up about everything from his sexting scandal to his campaign to his wife Huma Abedin -- a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton.

When asked by Buzzfeed's Ben Smith if he knows what Abedin's role would be in Clinton's 2016 campaign, Weiner said, "I do." Pressed on what it will be, Weiner said, "I'm not telling you."

Watch The Full Interview Below (some graphic language):

Anthony Weiner Interview - BuzzFeed Brews (Live) by CNNBuzzfeed on YouTube

Asked, "Do you feel like you've damaged her place in that world?"

Weiner replied, "I feel that what I've done is hurt her, yeah. It's hurt her professionally. It's hurt her personally."

He said he and his wife "made a decision that these things were behind us" and that they made "a calculated gamble on the question of whether or not citizens would be more interested in their family's future than in my personal failings that are behind me."

Ben Smith Discusses Sit-Down With Anthony Weiner

"She's gotten roughed up, and it's been completely unfair in my view," he said.

Weiner also said he hasn't spoken to the Clintons in months. He said he's keeping his distance from his colleagues in public life in general because he knows he has a lot to prove to them.

The sit-down interview at a Manhattan bar came hours after a new poll found 80 percent of New York voters gave him an unfavorable mark.

Weiner blasted what he called the media's "brutal" coverage of his campaign and at one point took aim at the New York Times.

"The New York Times -- wait for it -- doesn't want me to win," he said. "This is the same people who brought you a third term for Mike Bloomberg. I don't care, and it makes them nuts that I don't care!"

Weiner said he still sees a therapist in the wake of his sexting scandal.

"Apparently you never go out of therapy," he said. "They just have this thing where you just remain in forever. But I still see a therapist from time to time."

He also took a jab at Buzzfeed, telling Smith, "You can do this or show video of cats, whatever it is you do at Buzzfeed."

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