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Book Details Biggest Take-Down In Jersey Politics

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) - All this week, WCBS 880 is rolling out tidbits from a juicy new book, "The Jersey Sting," about the biggest take-down in the sordid history of New Jersey politics.

New Jersey has endured the stink of corruption for generations, but what the feds accomplished in the now-infamous Solomon Dwek sting was the biggest take-down ever. Forty-four people -- mayors, legislators, rabbis, all brought down in an FBI sting carried out by an unlikely, unsavory con-man wearing a wire.

Reporters Ted Sherman and Josh Margolin document the story in their new book, "The Jersey Sting." Hear our interviews all this week.

MONDAY: And So It Begins...


Wayne Cabot continues his week-long look at "The Jersey Sting."

We asked the writers about the massive operation which was led by Chris Christie, then the U.S. Attorney.

TUESDAY: The arrogance of power, the audiotape trap, and how it may have spelled curtains for Corzine.


WEDNESDAY: What a crazy day it was in the Star-Ledger newsroom. Sherman and Margolin recall the morning in 2009 when the biggest political scandal in New Jersey history began to unfold.


THURSDAY: Today we go to the tape: the recordings of con-man Solomon Dwek that led to the arrests of 44 people on one dark day in New Jersey history.

What you will hear is audio obtained by reporters Sherman and Margolin as part of their research for the book, "The Jersey Sting." Never before released; it has been sealed by a federal judge.


FRIDAY: He was Hoboken's youngest mayor...31 years old and he lasted 31 days in office.

Peter Camarrano pleaded guilty to taking an envelope with $25,000 from an FBI informant, Solomon Dwek. It was all on tape fro the wire Dwek wore during their meetings at the Malibu Diner.

Camarrano was not alone.

The mayors of Secaucus and Ridgefield were also arrested, along with five rabbis from the ultra-orthodox, super closed community of Syrian Jews in Brooklyn and in Deal, New Jersey.

Arresting rabbis is a delicate business, and the FBI took great pains to get it right during the early-morning raid.


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