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Accuser In NYPD Rape Trial Leaves Witness Stand

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- After another day of gripping testimony, the accuser in the rape trial of two New York City police officers is finished on the stand.

Monday marked the 29-year-old fashion industry executive's third day of testimony.

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The accuser alleges NYPD Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata raped her in December 2008 while she was drunk inside her East Village apartment.

The woman insisted she has no doubt police officers were with her that night. Her testimony may cause the officers to take the stand.

Prosecutors were also expected to present medical evidence Tuesday.

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A dramatic moment in Monday's testimony came as the prosecutor asked the woman how certain she was of her story.

"As you sit here now, do you have any doubt that those were police officers behind you (as you went to your apartment)?" the prosecutor asked.

"No," the woman replied

The prosecutor continued: "...That as you lay face down on your bed, your tights were rolled off your legs?"


Prosecutor: "And do you have any doubt that you were raped by a police officer on your bed?"


The alleged victim began to sob and visibly shook as she apologized, asking Judge Gregory Carro for a moment.

The judge excused the jury, but during the recess defense attorney Joseph Tacopina, visibly angry, accused the DA of leading the witness.

Judge Carro overruled the objection, ruling the defense, during cross-examination, opened the door to every point made by the DA.

"Look, I object when I think something is wrong, but I think in the crucial witness in this case, the witness whose story it is to tell, it should be her story to tell," Tacopina said.

While on the stand - the woman also re-stated her claim she heard two voices in her room that night.

It'll be up to jurors to determine the weight of that testimony because prosecutors allege 27-year-old Officer Mata was an active accomplice.

Surveillance video shows both officers re-entering the woman's apartment, using her key four times that night to allegedly search her bedroom afterward to make sure they left no evidence behind.

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