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A Guide To CBS' 2015 Pilot Season Orders

Ladies and gentlemen, the orders are in and pilot season is upon us. So what does that mean for you the viewer? 

It means that a large number of shows will have at least a first episode produced, usually the first episode of the series. Studios then present these pilot episodes to the networks to gauge whether they want to advance a pilot episode to a full series or not. So as excited as we are to see so many of our favorite stars being cast in these new shows, it doesn't necessarily mean we will see them on our TV screens this fall. 

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This year's pilot order season is well underway, and CBS has already ordered plenty of new dramas and comedies that will star some of entertainment’s veterans and newcomers.

Later this year, along with TV viewers seeing a super heroine tackle crime in “Supergirl,” audiences could possibly see a couple of medical dramas and a legal drama starring the first transgender series regular, Laverne Cox.  Check out the list of CBS' ordered pilots below that feature a television adaption of a hit Bradley Cooper film, the late James Gandolfini’s comedy project starring John Leguizamo, and much more.



Supergirl (starring Melissa Benoist & Mechad Brooks)

The only pilot with a series commitment so far, “Supergirl” will see Superman’s female cousin solving crimes each week as she also navigates the world of being a young professional.

Doubt (starring Laverne Cox, Dule Hill & Kobi Libii)

This legal drama centers on a smart, chic defense attorney at a boutique law firm who become romantically involved with one of her clients; a client who may or may not be guilty of committing a brutal crime.

Code Black (starring Marcia Gay Harden)

Based on the documentary of the same name, “Code Black” follows the staff at the LA County Hospital, the country’s busiest and most notorious hospital, as they confront a broken system.

Limitless (produced by Bradley Cooper)

Based on the hit film starring Bradley Cooper, the series version will follow Brian Sinclair, the same character played by Cooper in the film, as he uses his newfound powers from the mysterious drug NZT to solve weekly cases for the FBI.

Criminal Minds Spinoff (starring Gary Sinise, Tyler James Williams & Anna Gunn)

This spinoff to the popular Criminal Minds series will focus on another division of the FBI whose goal is to help American citizens that find themselves in trouble abroad, bringing an international vibe to the franchise.

For Justice

Coming from “Selma” director Ava DuVernay, this drama, based on James Patterson’s novel of the same name, takes place during the civil rights era in America when a hit man is hired to assassinate the first black mayor of Nashville.

Sneaky Pete

Executive produced and written by Bryan Cranston, “Sneaky Pete” tells the story of a con man who assumes the identity of his cellmate upon leaving prison, creating problems for characters from his dark past.

Rush Hour

Another TV adaption of a hit film, “Rush Hour” remain true the film series with a by-the-book Hong Kong police officer being assigned to work a case with a cocky black LAPD officer.


This medical drama is described as a fast-paced procedural that follows second-year residents at a top NYC hospital.



Taxi-22 (starring John Leguizamo, Lenny Venito & Sahr Ngaujah)

A passion project of the late James Gandolfini, “Taxi-22” is a comedy that follows a disgruntled NYC taxi driver and the hilarious, crazy passengers he hauls around the city.

Life In Pieces (starring Dianne West, Colin Hanks, Zoe Lister Jones & Betsy Brandt)

An ensemble cast rounds out this comedy which tells the story of one family told from different family members’ perspectives.

Super Clyde (starring Charlie McDermott)

This comedy illustrates how a meek, unassuming fast-food worker and lover of comics finds his calling when he inherits millions of dollars from his eccentric uncle.

Joe Time (starring Duane Martin & Eric Petersen)

“Joe Time” centers on the main character, Joe, a family man who struggles with finding his purpose after seeing his friends and family pursuing their dreams.

The Mistake (starring Julianna Guill)

An original comedy, “The Mistake” follows a couple that thinks they’re finished raising kids when they unexpectedly become pregnant again.

The Half Of It

This comedy centers on a divorced man who realizes he gets to keep half of everything; much more than he had while married.

Angel From Hell

Little else is known about this comedy, other than the storyline’s premise of an unlikely friendship being formed after one woman claims to be another woman’s guardian angel.

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