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107-Year-Old Norwalk Woman Says Her Secret To A Long Life Is Good Genes & A Little Scotch

By Billie Rama,

NEW YORK ( -- It's not every day you get to celebrate your 107th birthday.

But that's just what Doris Pollard of Norwalk, Connecticut did Tuesday.

Doris was born on August 29, 1910 when the average wage for workers was .22 cents an hour, and the tallest structure in the world was the Eiffel Tower.

Things have changed considerably since 1910, but not Doris' positive outlook.

Doris has one son who is 85 years old, four grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren and seven great-great grandchildren. She said she is on her third set of friends, not because of any rifts, but because she's outlived them all!

So we asked her what her secret was to living a long, long life and she told us, "great genes, a carefree attitude, living a clean, simple life playing bridge to keep the mind sharp and a hearty appetite."

Oh and a little scotch to ensure a "well oiled machine."

Cheers to that and to you, Doris!

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