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Eat, drink and be merry! "Sunday Morning"'s annual Food Issue. 

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Jane Pauley hosts our annual holiday broadcast devoted to all things epicurean. Check out our show's menu!

(And don't forget to check out our index of recipes and delicious menu suggestions from top chefs, cookbook authors, food bloggers, celebrity cooks, the editors of Bon Appetit magazine, and "Sunday Morning" staffers, including dishes featured on the show.)


You are what you eat? How nutrition may affect brain health | Watch Video
A key element in brain health is nutrition, say researchers who believe the number one factor that you have control over in terms of your mental health is at the end of your fork. Susan Spencer talks with Dr. Drew Ramsey, a psychiatrist who "prescribes" a healthier diet in order to combat depression; Samantha Elkrief, a trained chef and wellness coach; and neuroscientist Lisa Mosconi, for whom brain scans reveal the differences in brain structure between those who eat a Mediterranean diet and those who consume standard Western fare. 

BOOK EXCERPT: "Brain Food": Comparing brains on different diets

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CBS News

DINING OUT: Food halls: Redesigning the dining experience | Watch Video
When Americans actually left their houses to shop, food courts would sate their appetites at shopping malls. But now, with brick-and-mortar retail stores closing, food halls, offering a wide variety of ethnic cuisines and non-corporate dining choices, have become destinations in themselves, with hundreds opening up around the country. Faith Salie looks at the changing face of dining, as former industrial spaces, a shuttered race track, and even shipping containers are being refitted into food stalls. A world of flavors under one roof. 

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Breadfruit. CBS News

FRUITS: Breadfruit: Rediscovering the tropical fruit | Watch Video
Typically green and scaly on the outside, white and smooth like squash on the inside, breadfruit is a starchy member of the fig family that's similar in taste to a potato, and smells like fresh baked bread when cooked. But you're not likely to come across it in most American grocery stores. Conor Knighton explores the history of breadfruit, a "canoe plant" first brought to Hawaii centuries ago by Polynesian explorers, and which today is used in everything from tacos and stews, to pizza, bagels, and even vodka.

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KITCHENWARE: Tupperware: A blast from the past | Watch Video
Successfully marketed at parties by armies of entrepreneurial women, the "burping" plastic bowls popularized after World War II are being forced to redefine themselves in a new era - even via pop-up stores. Martha Teichner reports.

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Grizzled character actor Danny Trejo serves award-winning donuts, and dishes up tacos at his empire of Los Angeles restaurants. CBS News

ENTRÉE: Danny Trejo: A tough actor with a soft spot for food | Watch Video
Known as a tough actor, Danny Trejo has a soft spot for food, as a restaurateur. Luke Burbank reports on Trejo's taco empire.

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  • "Trejo's Tacos: Recipes and Stories from L.A.: A Cookbook" by Danny Trejo with Hugh Garvey (Clarkson Potter), in Hardcover and eBook formats, available April 2020; preorder via Amazon
Four million people have viewed this "mukbang" video on YouTube featuring a Korean woman eating seafood. It's a thing. YouTube

VIDEO: Mukbang: Watch what they eat! | Watch Video
In the hallowed hall of food fads, what in the world could be weirder than mukbang? A Korean term, mukbang refers to YouTube videos of people eating, and talking about their meal. And millions of people are hungrily watching. David Pogue reports.

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A truck stop customer ordering Indian food.  CBS News

DINE OUT: A taste of India on the interstate | Watch Video
At the Akal truck stop in Laramie, Wyoming, the Indian food that Mintu Pandher and his staff are cooking up in a small kitchen attracts truckers and locals from miles around, with food they can't find anywhere else along Interstate 80. Turns out there's money in all those smells of turmeric, coriander, and other spices rarely used in truck stop cuisine: his cafe is a hit, especially with the changing face of trucking, since nearly 19% of long-haul truck drivers in America are now immigrants. Jim Axelrod reports.  

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  Aging well: The allure of vintage spirits | Watch Video
While renovating his Keyport, New Jersey house this past September, Ron Lewert found a stash of Gilbey's Dry Gin – 12 bottles – hidden in a crawlspace in the roof. The gin was almost as old as the house, built more than 90 years ago, and as correspondent Lee Cowan found out, old spirits are, indeed, rising from the dead, becoming a popular ingredient at auctions and "speakeasies" catering to pre-Prohibition Era tastes.

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Jon Bon Jovi with correspondent Tracy Smith at the JBJ Soul Kitchen.  CBS News

DINING OUT: The lesson from Jon Bon Jovi's JBJ Soul Kitchens: "Find your good, and do it." | Watch Video
Rocker Jon Bon Jovi made a career out of filling stadiums with cheering fans, and now he's using that appeal – and his own financial resources – to help feed the homeless and needy through his JBJ Soul Kitchen restaurants. Tracy Smith reports. 

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Chef Jacques Pépin, shopping for produce with "Sunday Morning" host Jane Pauley. CBS News

CHEF: Jacques Pépin, the chefs' chef | Watch Video
With four decades on television and two dozen cookbooks, chef Jacques Pépin has been influencing American tastes and techniques for generations. Jane Pauley talks with Pépin about his culinary education, which began in Lyon, France at age 13. Seventy years later, he still loves giving cooking demonstrations, with an emphasis on the basics being the foundation good, great or masterful cooking.

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Mo Rocca visits Taylor Knapp's Long Island snail farm. CBS News

GASTROPODS:  Snails, the original slow food | Watch Video
On the North Shore of Long Island is the largest snail farm in the country. Taylor Knapp, who calls himself a snail wrangler, delivers his fresh snails to some of New York City's finest restaurants, like Frenchette, where chef Lee Hanson uses them to make brouillade escargots. Mo Rocca reports.

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Reconstruction and the death of representation | Watch Video
The years following Emancipation, in which freed slaves were finally allowed to participate in our democracy, was a time of unparalleled hope that later generations depicted as a failure. Mo Rocca looks at the misunderstood years of Reconstruction in his latest episode of his podcast "Mobituaries." To hear this and other episodes, go to

NATURE: Turkeys in the Great Smoky Mountains (Extended Video)
"Sunday Morning" takes us this Thanksgiving week among wild turkeys keeping a low profile in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Videographer: Scott Miller.

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Week of November 25 | Watch Video
From a monumental birthday for Tina Turner to Thanksgiving, "Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports. 

A fish species that spends most all of its life in the ocean has a vital role in a forest ecosystem.

NATURE UP CLOSE: Salmon, a keystone species in the Pacific Northwest
How a species of fish that spends most all of its life in the ocean has a vital role in a forest ecosystem       

Arts & events around the U.S. (November 15)
Check out the "Sunday Morning" listings of art openings and events this week.

TAKE FIVE: Food events around the U.S. (November 22)
Check out the "Sunday Morning" listings of food events this holiday week.

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