Take Five: Food events around the U.S. (November 22)

Check out these food events around the country this holiday week:

Cooking demonstrations at the annual Maine Harvest Festival in Bangor. Maine Harvest Festival

Bangor, Me.: Maine Harvest Festival (November 23-24)

Enjoy the fall harvest of over 200 Maine farmers, brewers, distillers, and festival food producers, by sampling their extraordinary creations as they "Celebrate Farm Fresh!" at this year's 9th annual Maine Harvest Festival. Culinary students, home cooks and commercial cooks are invited to compete in their "Two Crusted" Apple Pie Contest. At Cross Insurance Center, Bangor.

Chisago City, Minn.: 21st Annual Cheese and Chocolate Weekend (November 23-24)

This weekend, come and sample your way through some great cheese and chocolate wine pairings. Discover which cheeses pair best with which wines, and how to make a simple bite of chocolate shine as a dessert course with wine. At WineHaven Winery and Vineyard, 10020 Deer Garden Lane, Chisago City, Minn.

Yankeetown, Fla.: 38th Annual Yankeetown Seafood Festival (November 23-24)

The festival, held along Riverside Drive in a scenic village about two hours north of Tampa on Florida's Gulf Coast, features food, arts and crafts, as well as live music.

Rosendale, N.Y.: 22nd Annual Pickle Festival (November 24)

Always held the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Features 100 vendors, including 20-25 pickle vendors. Come shop for pickles, food, clothing, jewelry and much more! Register to join their pickling contest, as well as the pickle eating contest, pickle juice drinking contest, and pickle tossing contest.

Watch a pickle cavort around Rosendale, 'cause that's what pickles do: 

A Pickle Goes To Rosendale by CarlCoxStudios on YouTube

Plymouth, Mass.: Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation (November 28)

Plimoth Plantation is a great place to share that special meal with your family and friends – and with visitors from around the world. Enjoy their Craft Center Buffet (11 a.m. through 4 p.m.), and their Thanksgiving Day Homestyle Buffet (1:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. seatings still available).

Plimouth is also serving up a "Story of Thanksgiving Dinner" buffet-style on Friday, November 29 (12 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. seatings still available). At Plimoth Plantation, 137 Warren Avenue, Plymouth, Mass.