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Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about relief efforts in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. 

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Ted Koppel speaks with four members of a group who were incarcerated for decades, despite being long eligible for parole. CBS News

The Ungers: Righting a miscarriage of justice | Watch Video
Ted Koppel reports on the efforts to free 250 people convicted and imprisoned for decades in Maryland as a result of a faulty jury instruction.

 The first flying trapeze act | Watch Video
On November 12, 1859, Jules Leotard astonished a Paris audience by defying gravity. Jane Pauley reports.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: School of Circus Arts (VIDEO)
In this report originally broadcast on "CBS This Morning" on November 26, 1996, correspondent Hattie Kauffman tests her mettle with acrobatics and the flying trapeze, at San Francisco's School of Circus Arts, where everything is literally up in the air.

 Here's looking at you, "Casablanca" | Watch Video
Manuel Bojorquez on the 75th anniversary of the Humphrey Bogart-Ingrid Bergman classic.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Ben Mankiewicz on how "Casablanca" might not have been
Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz discusses the classic wartime romance "Casablanca," and how luck factored into its becoming one of the most beloved films of the Hollywood studios' Golden Age.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Ben Mankiewicz on screening "Casablanca"
Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz talks about the wartime classic "Casablanca" and how it has endured.

Here's Looking At You, Kid - Casablanca (5/6) Movie CLIP (1942) HD by Movieclips on YouTube

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Lin-Manuel Miranda brings help, hope to Puerto Rico | Watch Video
David Begnaud joins Lin-Manuel Miranda on a trip to his grandparents' home in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. The creator of the Broadway musical "Hamilton" has been leading relief efforts to the island, which is still suffering nearly two months after Hurricane Maria decimated critical infrastructure, water and power supplies.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Lin-Manuel Miranda on "Almost Like Praying"
"Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda talks with correspondent David Begnaud about writing and recording the song "Almost Like Praying" during the "terrible silence" after Puerto Rico was struck by Hurricane Maria. He also sings the names of all 50 states in alphabetical order.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Lin-Manuel Miranda and fan sing "In the Heights"
While visiting the hurricane-stricken island of Puerto Rico, Lin-Manuel Miranda met a fan at Jose Andres' relief kitchen in Isla Verde, a neighborhood of San Juan, who joined him in singing a selection from Miranda's musical, "In the Heights."

To watch Lin-Manuel Miranda's video "Almost Like Praying" click on the video player below:

Lin-Manuel Miranda - Almost Like Praying feat Artists for Puerto Rico [Music Video] by Atlantic Records on YouTube

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Magazine editor Tina Brown with correspondent Tony Dokoupil. CBS News

PRESS: Tina Brown on gossip, Weinstein and Trump | Watch Video
In her new book, "The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983-1992," legendary editor Tina Brown remembers what it took to revive a magazine in decline. Tony Dokoupil asks Brown about her cover stories that made news headlines around the world, as well as blowback from her magazine's coverage of then-real estate magnate Donald Trump, and about her later partnership with now-disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Tina Brown on how fate played out for Harvey Weinstein
The former Vanity Fair editor talks with Tony Dokoupil about her partnership with Harvey Weinstein on the short-lived magazine Talk. She describes the "very persuasive" Weinstein (now the subject of explosive allegations about his sexual misconduct with a large number of women over many years) and how the relationship resulted in PTSD.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Tina Brown on Princess Diana
The magazine editor talks with Tony Dokoupil about her 1985 Vanity Fair cover story, "The Mouse That Roared," which exposed problems in the marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and how Di influenced the royal family before and after her tragic death.

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 A new chapter for "The Book Thing" (Video)
For more than 17 years Russell Wattenberg has catered to thousands of hungry minds. He runs a Baltimore outfit called The Book Thing, which is not a library or store. People can just take whatever books they want, for free. A fire destroyed the non-profit in March 2016, but a new page has turned: The Book Thing has bounced back. Steve Hartman reports. 

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Country stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill with correspondent Tracy Smith. CBS News

MUSIC: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, in harmony | Watch Video
Tracy Smith sits down with the husband-and-wife country music stars.

To watch Tim McGraw and Faith Hill perform "The Rest of Our Life" click on the video player below.

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill - The Rest of Our Life by TimandFaithVEVO on YouTube

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In Philadelphia one of the nation's top-rated restaurants is partnering with a local ministry to provide free meals to the homeless. CBS News

CHARITY: A place at the table | Watch Video
In Philadelphia, the "City of Brotherly Love," a new restaurant called Rooster Soup opened earlier this year, and it has a lot to crow about already. It's been named one of America's "Top Ten New Restaurants" by both Food & Wine and GQ magazines. Rooster Soup is also doing well in another way: it gives away every penny of its profits, providing hot meals for the homeless.

Nancy Giles talked with chef Mike Solomonov, his business partner Steve Cook, and Mike Dahl, executive director of Broad Street Ministry, about the "radical hospitality" that is being provided to thousands of those in need.

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Cartoonist George Booth, whose panoply of pets has made many a pet owner chuckle for decades.  CBS News

HUMOR: New Yorker cartoonist George Booth (Video)
Faith Salie introduces us to the 91-year-old humorist, being honored with a career retrospective in New York City.

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Week of November 13 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

 Walden Pond (Video)
We leave you this autumnal Sunday at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. Videographer: Scot Miller.


David Edelstein on Louis C.K.'s film you probably won't see | Watch Video
The comedian's feature film directorial debut, "I Love You, Daddy," was pulled following reports of his sexual misconduct.

Filming bats
"Sunday Morning" videographer Carl Mrozek on the difficult process of capturing bats on camera.

The evolution of "good enough"
Pelicans show that that survival isn't necessarily only for the "fittest"

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