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A virtual Maria Callas is back on tour, courtesy of holographic projection equipment. 

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What is America's favorite music genre?

Bringing musical stars back via hologram | Watch Video
Many opera fans consider Maria Callas one of the greatest sopranos who ever lived. When she died in 1977, they were heartbroken. So they might be shocked to learn that Maria Callas - or rather a projected representation of her - is going on tour this spring with a 60-piece orchestra. Her return is brought to you by what's being called a hologram.

Callas and other iconic performers, like Roy Orbison, aren't the only ones being presented in this remarkable new technology; political figures are also hitting the campaign trail via live hologram.

David Pogue reports on how holograms are reshaping not just pop culture but history itself.

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"We Are the World" | Watch Video
On January 28, 1985, more than 40 of the music world's greatest stars gathered in an L.A. studio to help raise funds for humanitarian relief. Jane Pauley reports. 

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An Italian luthier fashions a violin. CBS News

POSTCARD FROM ITALY: Making violins | Watch Video
For hundreds of years instrument makers have been turning to the forests of Northern Italy for the fine woods that make violins, pianos and other instruments sing. Seth Doane reports.

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English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran (with correspondent Mark Phillips) says he's overcome his aversion to appearing before the camera, as in his music video for his hit, "Shape of You." CBS News

FOR THE RECORD: Ed Sheeran: The method to his success | Watch Video
The English singer-songwriter is one of the most successful artists of his time, and an idol to millions around the world. His most recent album, "Divide (÷)," is up for two Grammys, including Best Pop Vocal Album.

Sheeran talks with correspondent Mark Phillips about his career and the music business; his early days producing and distributing his own music; and why he stayed out of the limelight for a year.

Phillips also goes with Sheeran to the singer's favorite fish and chips shop and some of the places in his hometown that have made their way into his songs (like "Castle on the Hill"). (This report was originally broadcast March 5, 2017.)

WEB EXCLUSIVE: To watch Ed Sheeran perform "Castle on the Hill," click on the player below.

Ed Sheeran plays "Castle on the Hill"

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 "Sunday Morning" remembers (Video)
"Sunday Morning" remembers famous figures who we lost this past week, including musician and anti-apartheid activist Hugh Masekela, "Beetle Bailey" cartoonist Mort Walker, and science fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin.

"Bubble artist" Tom Noddy. CBS News

SCIENCE: The beauty and science of bubbles | Watch Video
There is something magical about soap bubbles - floating, fleeting, iridescent orbs that defy gravity, and whose beauty masks their complexity. Faith Salie meets renowned bubble artist Tom Noddy, and also talks with scientists at Boston University and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, to discuss the role bubbles play in nature, medicine, technology - and joy.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Bubble magic (Video)
Tom Noddy is a bubble artist, producing all manner of bubbles - from geometric bubbles to smoking volcano bubbles. His beautiful, ephemeral creations delighted "Sunday Morning" host Charles Kuralt in this "On the Road" report that originally aired July 5, 1983.

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The D.C. whistler (Video)
Chris Ullman is a four-time international whistling champion - an unusual distinction for a partner in a Washington, D.C. investment firm. But he's burnished his reputation as one of the capital's most popular whistleblowers, by using his talents in a most non-partisan way. Steve Hartman reports.

Legends say goodbye: Neil Diamond, Sir Elton John to retire from touring | Watch Video
Anthony Mason reports on the news this past week that two legends of popular music -- Neil Diamond and Elton John -- will stop touring, due to issues of health or work-life balance. 

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Singer Marilyn Maye. CBS News

MUSIC: Marilyn Maye, proudly "old school" | Watch Video
For more than seven decades cabaret singer Marilyn Maye has crisscrossed the country, playing hundreds of clubs. Once a Grammy nominee for Best New Artist (at the age of 37), she holds the record for appearances by a singer on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson." And as Mo Rocca finds out, she remains proudly "old school" on stage.

WEB EXTRA VIDEO: Marilyn Maye and Mo Rocca sing "My Best Girl"
For six decades Marilyn Maye has returned to The Inn at Okoboji, at Lake Okoboji in Iowa, where the old-school cabaret singer has entertained generations of fans. Recently, she was joined there by "Sunday Morning" correspondent Mo Rocca, and together they performed a duet of "My Best Girl."

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"Sunday Morning" begins a year-long series of reports looking back on what was a landmark year in our recent history.

In Spring 1968 U.S. Marines fought for nearly month in Hue, Vietnam. John Olson

WAR: The Tet Offensive | Watch Video
The 26-day battle for Hue was fought street by street, house by house, room by room. Two-hundred-and-sixteen American troops were killed and another 1,300 wounded. David Martin visits an exhibition at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., and talks to a combat photographer who captured the bloody battle, and a former Marine who miraculously survived.

CBS NEWS POLL: U.S. involvement in Vietnam

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Week of January 29 | Watch Video
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Jane Pauley reports.

Niagara Falls (Extended Video)
We leave you this last Sunday Morning of January at the partly frozen Niagara Falls. Videographer: Carl Mrozek.


GRAMMYS: Watch the Best Music Video nominees
Check out the contenders for this year's award - and be sure to watch the 60th annual Grammy Awards, presented Sunday, January 28, and broadcast live on CBS. 

How islands form
Take a walk on archipelagoes created by red hot magma from the Earth's interior.

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