This Morning from CBS News, Sept. 25, 2015

Pope in NYC

Pope Francis is preparing to give his first address before the United Nations, where a record number of world leaders are expected to convene in this weekend for the General Assembly. The pope will also visit Ground Zero and Central Park, and CBS News has full team coverage as Francis marks the second stop on his three-city visit to the United States.

Protecting the pope

Pope Francis will spend Friday criss-crossing Manhattan, and the Secret Service is leading a huge operation -- with nearly 50 other agencies -- to keep him safe. The New York City Police Department is playing a big role, and the boss tells CBS News about the unprecedented security surrounding the pontiff.

China and the U.S.

A few hours after the celebratory atmosphere that surrounded the visit from Pope Francis, President Obama welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping to the White House to tackle a much thornier set of issues, from cybersecurity to China's island-building in the South China Sea. So will the two leaders find any common ground?

Virtual kidnappings

The FBI has been sounding the alarm over the rise of virtual kidnappings. Criminals randomly call people, claiming they've abducted a loved one and the only way to get them back is to pay up. Several cities are seeing an increase in the scams, including Los Angeles. CBS News meets a family that was targeted.

Minimum wage

Berkeley, California, is preparing to make its minimum wage the highest in the land, and small business owners are worried. We delve into the controversial proposal, along with its potential impact on the city's economy.

Reformer pope?

Is Pope Francis as anti-capitalist as his critics claim? Not judging by his record on reinvigorating the scandal-ridden Vatican bank. For the first time in its 73-year-history, the bank is complying with international banking standards -- and making a lot more money doing it.

Supermoon eclipse

One of the most unusual celestial events in years will be visible across North America and other parts of the world this weekend. We explain when and where you can get the best look at the supermoon eclipse.

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