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This Morning from CBS News, July 19, 2016

"Her beautiful speech"

...Or was it? Donald Trump's wife Melania was quickly lauded for her speech at the Republican convention, which delivered a positive message free of political attacks. But then someone pointed out some rather shocking similarities between Mrs. Trump's words, and the words of current first lady.

Hillary Clinton

Did Hillary Clinton's email crisis contribute to voters' mistrust of the candidate? In an interview with Charlie Rose, the presumptive Democratic nominee addresses the FBI investigation into her use of a private email server as secretary of state.

RNC: Day 2

Today Donald Trump is expected to drop the "presumptive" from his title and formally become the Republican presidential nominee. With one night of primetime convention speeches done, today will see some national GOP leaders take the stage on Trump's behalf. Here's what to watch for tonight.

Economic healing

Today's theme at the Republican National Convention -- "Make America work again" -- plays into Donald Trump's core pitch to millions of Americans who fear their economic prospects. We look at where Trump and Hillary Clinton stand on some key economic issues, from taxes to trade.

Young delegates

Though he's the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump remains unpopular with some in his own party. He also faces challenges with younger voters. Among millennials, he has a 75 percent unfavorable rating. We take a look at some of the ways Trump may need to reach out to this key group.

Ban Russia?

The International Olympic Committee is expected to announce today whether all of Russia's Olympians will be banned from competing in the Rio Summer Games. The decision will be handed down a day after an investigation confirmed wide-scale, state-sponsored doping by the Russians.

Kids and violence

Violence in the media isn't limited to movies and video games these days. Disturbing images and videos are available on all kinds of devices around the clock, and they can have a harmful impact on children. A leading pediatricians' group has advice on how parents and doctors can help kids cope.

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