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This Morning from CBS News, Aug. 12, 2016

"Bad dudes"

Donald Trump has suggested that if elected president, he might allow Americans accused of terrorism to be tried at the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba -- something currently prohibited under U.S. federal law. President Obama has tried for years to shutter the offshore prison camp. Trump has said he would "load it up with bad dudes."

First Laddie

When people think of the nation's First Lady, for many, ceremonial duties spring to mind: helping plan State Dinners, entertaining the spouses of foreign leaders and overseeing the decorating of the White House. So what happens if the country's next First Lady is a guy? Could it change the role forever?

Dirty water

The highly-polluted bay used for some of the events has been a big concern for athletes and Olympic organizers, and now one European sailor's Olympic dream may be cut short because the water in Rio de Janeiro has apparently made her sick.

Coaster injury

A 3-year-old boy is in the hospital after falling off of a wooden roller coaster in Pennsylvania. According to police sources, the child was riding with his older brother when he was ejected at the highest point of the ride. It's the third accident this week involving children injured on amusement park rides.

Hot air

Sparked by the worst ballooning accident in U.S. history, a July crash in Texas, that killed 15 people, the Federal Aviation Administration is meeting with hot air balloon operators to discuss new safety measures. But the balloon industry has long resisted tighter regulations, and the talks could prove contentious.

Living history

A new method of dating living creatures has led scientists to believe a 15-foot-long Greenland shark found in frigid waters is likely almost 400 years old -- which would put the species at the top of the longevity list for vertebrates. What could the discovery mean for us?

Canyon by night

With its red rocks and roaming Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is stunning by day -- but seeing the park in daylight is only half the story. Astronomers gathered for this summer's Star Party and fired up high-powered telescopes to stare deep into outer space.

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